Perhaps it is time for change!

What does the title of today’s post stir inside you? Perhaps going to work, doing your job, and bringing home a paycheck is all you know? Don’t get me wrong, being employed is not a bad thing and for many people that is their preferred way to establish cashflow to support their life style. But what if you have more potential and your “anti-potential beliefs” are holding yourself back?

What if you could invest your time in a faith-filled way that produces a hope-filled future where you potential to experience a return on the investment of your time, talents and treasures? What does that statement stir inside you? I am sure it sounds freeing for some and concerning for others?

  • Perhaps you are sitting on an invention that you have tucked away for a rainy day, “when the time is right”?
  • Perhaps there is the book that you never wrote or if you did, fear keeps the manuscript on the shelf?
  • Perhaps you have the idea that you could buy and flip houses or set up rental income?
  • Perhaps you have developed an expertise in a specific field from which you could develop intriguing resources that people might buy on the internet or through workshops and other speaking opportunities?

Maybe it is time for you to take another look at your gifts, talents, abilities, ideas, life experiences, hopes and dreams? Perhaps with some restructuring of your life and developing vision with action steps you could set a course to invest your time, rather than just trade it? 

Let’s think this over for a week and until then, please comment with your questions and or ideas of your potential that stirred in you as you read this post!

Have a great week, Rob

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  1. Can your next blog be about time management?? LOL! I did quit my job last year but have yet to really get into a routine of writing. Maybe the root is fear or maybe unbelief but it definitely has to do with my lack of setting aside time.

    • Setting aside time… Somehow most people struggle with this challenge! We all get 24 hours and what we do with each hour depends on what we make urgent and of course responsibilities we take on like raising children, owning a house and purposing to be good stewards of all we possess. I will write about this topic soon!