Sometimes I find it helpful to stop and ask myself, what am I doing and why am I do it? This action step is really helpful when it comes to spiritual life. It seems so easy to drift away from relationship with God into a habit of religious activity that has no power, none-the less a hint of personal connection with God.

A couple of years ago, I put together a check list to help me and my clients take an honest assessment of my spiritual life. I hope you find this helpful too. The last two rows are empty because you may think of other check points as well.

The left column comments are not right or wrong, but can be limiting in nature. My point is to see where “religious habit” is distracting me from relationship with God and other people.

Please let me know what comes to mind and be sure to let me know if you have questions or comments.


Form of godliness theology


Kingdom of Heaven theology

Works based, be good, try harder For by grace I am saved through faith and not of works…
Saved from hell Saved into God’s world
I have to work out my salvation Holy Spirit is my helper
I go to church We are the Church
History and Doctrine focus Love and relationship focus
Truth comes from information about the Bible by using logic and reason Truth comes from revelation from Holy Spirit about Biblical truth
Bible is a historical guide Bible is alive and speaks to me
Teaching is based on the theology of my denomination Teaching is based on principles of growing in relationship with God and others
Church tradition and systematic theology reveals God’s ways Revelatory gifts reveal God’s ways
Spiritual leaders hear for people and speak to their minds We Hear God in our heart
Audience Participant
Revelation, prophecy have ceased Prophecy and spiritual gifts are valued
Focus on getting people to church Focus on making disciples
Know about God Know God
Water baptism is a ritual Water baptism is a celebration of a new life
Add Biblical information to the mind Transformed by the renewing of mind
Preacher, pulpit, audience Citizen of heaven, meet people as you go
Tell audiences about principles Mentor, disciple, apprentice




Attitude, we all have one, and it it totally adjustable!  How you judge each of your life circumstances, responsibilities and perceptions will determine the gravity of your attitude.

Perhaps you are stuck in the belief that when more money, a new job or new person comes into your life then your attitude will change?

Perhaps, you need to change your attitude to see the things you think you need come into view?

Perhaps a positive change in the direction of life can come from a simple shift of your attitude?

An adjustment of your attitude from negative to positive, can put you on the path to the answer you been seeking, the solution to a problem you have been longing to solve or the next step you need to take to reach a goal.

Perhaps it is time for an attitude adjustment! The judgment you place on a person, situation, institution, or yourself will determine your attitude. A negative judgement cannot produce a positive attitude!

Once you pass a negative judgement you take up an offense. Once you are offended you can’t see other options. When you can’t see other options fear sets in which stimulates worry which can lead to blame. Now you are a prisoner of your own making; a victim of circumstance…


  • Judgement
  • Offense
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Blame
  • Suspicion


  • Thankfulness
  • Optimism
  • Forgiveness
  • Responsible stance
  • Focus
  • Hope

It seems like many people unknowingly position themselves in the stance of a victim. This state of personal imprisonment can only foster a negative attitude. The only way out is to take on the “responsible stance” which means that you take responsibility for where you are in life, in a relationship, in your finances, in your career and so forth.

Yes, there are often other people in your circumstance that do not make it easy to have a good attitude, but always remember, they can’t make you feel nor determine your attitude. How you process your emotions and shape your attitude is solely your own doing and you are 100% responsible for both.

So if you don’t like a specific outcome in your life, check the significance of your attitude and purpose to use one or more of the attitude adjusters noted above to experience something new!

Please share your comments and testimonies! Thanks so much!



“I AM SO BUSY!”, seems to have become the replacement phrase for being PRODUCTIVE or SUCCESSFUL. It’s kind of like a type of status symbol, a badge to wear, and for some people, a cross to bear.

I don’t know about you, but I want to invest my time into ideas and activities that bring life not just to myself, but ultimately anyone that wants to go somewhere in life.

Looking back over the last two decades I realized that I clocked in a lot of hours that were busy, but not necessarily productive! With an honest assessment of the actual results, it became apparent that some of my action steps and goals were not based on my vision, but rather something good to do or worse yet, to avoid the perceived embarrassment of saying NO.

For example, there was time spent on going to conferences, workshops and other events that were good, but not necessarily supportive of my vision. Don’t get me wrong, the experiences were good, but after honest evaluation, the end result, a distraction.

So, when I learned that TIME is my only non-renewable resource, I purposed to ask the following,

  • What is the “why” behind my choice?
  • Is this choice supportive of where I am going? If so, how?
  • If not, is there another benefit that it will produce in my life?

Busy can be described as active, bustling, diligent, engaged, industrious, occupied, tied up, and working. Curious, what have you made the word “busy” mean in your life?

Perhaps now would be a good time to set up a free 1/2 hour phone consult to talk about action steps to take!

Stay tuned for the release of our newly revised Learning Experience, “Investing Your 24 Hours for Exponential Increase!”

Enjoy your journey, by investing your time well!