Everything You Believe is "Your Truth"

Clarity of Belief

Last week when we were discussing Clarity of Emotions the topic of lies emerged. I find it interesting how every individual has the capability to look at the same information or circumstance and come up with different points of view, description or outcome.

The way you see life is directly related to what you believe. For example, if you believe that “life is hard” then there is a very good chance that everything you set out to do will be challenging in someway.

Lies have a subtle way of clouding your thinking because they are part of your belief system. Unless we take time to do an honest assessment about what we are thinking and why, there is no chance for positive change. Everything You Believe is “your truth”, but unfortunately not necessarily factual or beneficial.

For years I believed that other leaders are more important than me. That “belief” doesn’t sound too bad, right, because some leaders just have more responsibility. That belief held me back from taking the risks necessary to expand my influence as a consultant, coach and speaker. This way of thinking begs for comparison which was an enemy of my true identity. (We will talk about comparison in more detail sometime)

The good news is that when I saw the negative affects of “my truth” it was easy to identify the lie. It was at that point that a new found freedom of personal “belief” could be realized and the ability to take new risks in leadership became possible!

Exposing a lie is very hard to do by just thinking because we are so used to listening to the  “belief system” we set up from the time we are born. This is why we needed to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Just adding truth to your data base of thinking does not automatically change your belief system. What beliefs that were there first are the default place to go.

What you believe shapes your view of life, relationships, God, success and every other aspect of life. What you actually believe is evident by pattern of results you experience. Yes, there are circumstances outside of your control that impact your life, like the regulations of the IRS that require you to pay taxes. If I believe that the IRS is just out to get me, then I have a fear based belief that will negatively impact my life. For me to say there is corruption in that system is an observation, not necessarily a lie I believe.

I realize this topic is deep, so let’s continue the discussion next week. Be sure to leave me comments about your experiences with lies or ask questions that will help me with my next blog post!





Please don’t let the word “emotion” cause you to fade away; give this topic of CLARITY a try! I’m not going mushy or soft; as a matter of fact you need to be strong to rightly express emotions! Sadly many people just don’t like conversations about emotions or feelings because of a lack of understanding or poor modeling they witnessed when growing up! Clarity is good; hang in there as the discussion unfolds!

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What is the emotion I am feeling in this situation and why?” Or do you just stay captive to it until something else grabs your attention with no real sense of processing it?

Perhaps it would be helpful to learn the difference yet close connection of feelings and emotions?

FEELINGS are physiological responses or reactions that can be felt or sensed anywhere in your body. Your autonomic nervous system is involved in this process.

  • You can feel the affects of breathing or having a stuffy nose.
  • An allergen can get in your eye and you feel itching or soreness.
  • When I walked into this room and the hair on my arms stood up!
  • I had a gut feeling things would go that way…

It is likely that you can’t control your feelings, but you can control the resultant behaviors. An example we wish that everyone would learn; you can feel the emotion of anger, but you don’t have to lash out at someone.

It is important to note that when someone believes a lie such as “everyone is out to get me” then his or her emotion of anger is guided by a lie which must produce unhealthy behavior. Hidden lies are never actually hidden because they will produce patterns of negative behaviors. When you have a minute review our post on Clarity of Thinking. I will be writing more about lies in a future post.

EMOTIONS are feelings tied to beliefs and attitudes and could be described as “those things that control you”. Emotion can be described as a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort that is often accompanied by physiological response or reaction.

Emotions and feelings are not sinful nor are then wrong, but how you express them can be sinful if you hurt someone or isolate yourself in unhealthy ways. Just as lashing out at someone is wrong, so is the passive aggressive response.

To have CLARITY OF EMOTIONS it is important to develop a language of emotions so that you can learn to tell people how you feel rather than just have them see the resultant behavior of them. In other words, learn to tell the truth about what is going on inside without creating unnecessary pain in the listener.

As a matter of fact it is important to learn to express out loud to yourself and also in writing. When you put feelings and emotions into writing, you gain better understanding and thereby will be able to express them to another person without sin. But don’t forget; if you just can “get over” the emotion you lack CLARITY OF THINKING because of a lie or lies you believe about yourself, life, relationships or God.

Perhaps this is why we get to review the multifaceted expressions of David in the Psalms? And don’t forget that in 1 Peter 5:7 you are encouraged to “cast your cares” upon the Lord so that He can care for you! To tell God how you really feel about something is not sin, but when you don’t pause to receive his care you will likely end up in a complaint session resulting in the feeling that He does not care! Hmm, makes you think?

Need to process this topic out loud? Contact me to set up a session or leave your feedback in the comment section below!

Emotion Check List


Thanks to everyone who attended our first ever, Discover Freedom in Your Unique Identity conference at Global Awakening on Saturday September 10th!

Our next Identity Conference is hosted by Emmanuel Christian Fellowship on Saturday November 5, 2016. The meeting location is at Temple Baptist 2550 Pine Grove Rd, York, PA 17403 just off the Leader Heights exit (rte 182 west). Directions

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am not hitting the mark for which I was aiming. This is true in regards to posting an inspirational and challenging blog post every Wednesday morning and other “good intentions” I have.

Recently, I did a one day presentation we called Discover Freedom in Your Unique Identity. The day went really well and everyone I talked too was somehow encouraged and felt empowered to go further with the principles we shared. Over all the day was a great success, but there were some targets I didn’t hit.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not being down on myself, just attempting to be honest about my personal goals for the day; which caused me to look at my intentions. Good intentions do not automatically turn into reachable goals. However, when the intention is clear then the “how to” will appear. This principle is true in every area of life.

The intention was very clear for the overall vision for the day. We wanted people to experience different aspects of their natural and spiritual identities and the “how to” was in place to make that happen. This presentation was to be filmed by a professional videographer and the “how to” was in place to make that happen.

However there were good intentions with without clear “how to’s”.

Specifically, some “good intentions” did not turn into actual goals…

  • Organized and fluid registration process
  • Easy to follow process for handing out documents
  • Allot time for feedback
  • Attendee follow up to gain coaching clients

After further reflection, it became clear that I did not give myself enough time to plan and prepare. While the intention was to plan well and prepare well, it turns out that it was a good intention not a clear intention.

My intentions were good, but not clear enough to bring about the “how to”. What became obviously clear to me that day is that I need an administrative assistant for every new event we plan! While this is not a new thought, it certainly became clear enough to do something about it!

One of my trainers, Brian Klemmer, Founder of, taught me this principle. He often would refer to it as his Million Dollar Formula. Thankful to still be learning this principle!

Why not take some time today to check out your “intentions”; are the just good or are they clear. Need some help implementing this principle; contact me today!