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September 10th from 9:30am -3:30pm Rob will be speaking on how to come into the fullness of your unique identity both naturally and spiritually! From this experience you will find courage to take next steps in your destiny with God!

Cost is only $25.00 and you can register at Discover Freedom in Your Unique Identity!

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Venue of this event is Global Awakening 1451 Clark Street Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Today’s post is much different than I expected and perhaps for good reason because I am not sure how many people stop to think about “who is in my life and why are they here?” A second part to this topic is, “who is missing in my life and why?”

CLARITY OF RELATIONSHIPS is essential to living out the destiny God has for your life. Every relationship is either adding value to your life because of a defined purpose or stealing time for you for some reason or another.

When you have the ability to serve someone with your time, treasure or talents you have purpose in that relationship. The opposite is equally true, when someone chooses to serve you in their unique ways there is purpose in relationship.

Who is in your life and why are they there? Perhaps taking a few minutes to create a list of people with whom you relate will help shed some light on the question? Some people on your list will be very obvious and practical, like your vehicle mechanic and your dentist. But what about the people that are co-dependent in nature or worse yet toxic in some way? Why do you let them steal away your time and energy?

Don’t get me wrong, all people have value and purpose, but not all people are your responsibility. I know this topic can get touchy, but if you want to live in freedom and be a good steward of your time then keep on reading.

Time is your only un-renewable resource and if you were to give account for who is using your time and why, what might that report look like? If I am not helping someone grow or helping them in some practical way, then I may have unknowingly shifted into an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with them.

Codependent relationships actually feed off of each other’s weaknesses. Interdependent relationships feed off or each other’s strengths.

It is not mean to reset an unhealthy relationship, as a matter of fact it is an important action step to take for the emotional and mental health of each individual. God always has the welfare of people in mind which includes bringing the right people into a person’s life for each challenge they face. If “fear” will not allow you to release a person or at the very least, schedule less time with them, you could be standing in the way of God’s provision.

As you look at your list, pray and invite Holy Spirit to help you to be honest about  each relationship. He will help you to find a path forward that may not be pain free, but it will eventually result in freedom for you both!

Who is missing in your life and why? This question is best answered when you have CLARITY OF PURPOSE which we talked about on August 3, 2016.

When your purpose is clear, then you will see who/what is missing. For example, I am in a new season of personal development and professional development. I am praying and asking Holy Spirit to reveal people with common vision and values and the right skill sets to be friends in the journey.

I am missing, editors, graphic designers, web masters, marketers and a ministry team to name a few! Without developing healthy relationships in these areas, the forward momentum we have been experience will quickly fade.

With clarity of relational needs, God is bringing people into my life with skills, gifts and talents to be part of the team. Perhaps you are one of them?

Maybe we will need to continue this discussion next week? I am curious about your questions and reactions to this post, so type away in the comment section and Let me know if you need help!  



Peace of Mind

Clarity of Thinking

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a clear mind every time you are preparing to make important decisions?

A mind that is free to “think and create” is the goal, but how do we get there!

  1. First listen for pattern of thoughts that steal your attention and write them down.
    1. Identifying these distractions is the first step to transforming the way you think.
    2. Next identify the antidote for your negative pattern, which will often be a truth from the Bible. Ask God to bring this truth into a revelation, the “ah ha, I get it now” sense of knowing. This may take a little time, but stick with it!
  2. Define a path forward by setting tangible goals on a specific timeline.
    1. When the goals are clear, the “how to” will appear.
    2. A mind trained to see a goal will have limited time to worry.
    3. Invite a trusted friend or life coach to help you stay on course to reach your goals.
  3. Ask God to reveal his gift of a sound mind to you as recorded in II Timothy 1:7.
    1. The more this revelation becomes real, the less you will second-guess yourself.
  4. Fear is a de-motivator and will clutter your mind.
    1. God did not give you a spirit of fear, but rather of power. II Timothy 1:7
  5. Be kind to yourself in the process of finding “clarity in your thinking”!
    1. Mistakes are not fatal; they are simply part of learning.
    2. Pay attention to the positive emotions that accompany making decisions from a place of clarity. Write them down as a source of encouragement if you do make a mistake.

When you have a clear mind you are moving forward even though it may feel slow at times. You are going through a transformation process that changes your life.

Proverbs 4:23 (GNT) “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”

I would enjoy hearing your testimonies, your challenges with this process and your questions!  


Hi Everyone!

CLARITY OF PURPOSE! sounds refreshing, does’t it!

Many people ask, what is it and how do I get it; especially when I have so much to do!

Purpose is multi-faceted. There is the overall sense of life purpose and from there it is narrowed down to specific life decisions. For example, my life purpose is to help people all over the world discover and prosper in their unique identity both naturally and spiritually while they get to know God.

Finding your life purpose is a process of honest assessment. I spent 18 years in the construction trades for the purpose of making money. While there was the good feeling of accomplishment in the trade, it was not life-giving or fulfilling and if you think about it the purpose was not compelling at all.

Clarity of purpose comes when you take time out of your normal routine to find your heart, because true life is a journey of the heart, not just your mind. It is important to find a quiet place and just be still, releasing all your cares and concerns to God. From this posture of clarity, just write down all that comes to mind.

Don’t be alarmed if the negative thoughts come out first! This is part of finding clarity. A big reason you can’t find clarity of purpose is because of your limited view of who you are and how you are actually designed. Write down the negative thoughts to get them out of your mind and then give yourself permission to reflect and dream.

Keep in mind that your life purpose will positively impact people.

What comes natural to you? These traits are a good sign of purpose. For example, after reflection upon my journey in construction I could list all things I was not good at, but then realized my natural abilities like…

  • Helping people envision the desired outcomes
  • Bringing a team together to get things done
  • Helping subcontractors solve problems and get along with each other
  • Helping husbands and wives find common ground in the many decisions of building a house
  • Setting a schedule and reaching goals

This is just a partial list, but you can see a theme of helping people and vision. How you are designed is unique and special so let’s find clarity of your purpose, starting today!

Please comment about what you discover as you take the challenge of finding clarity of your purpose. Also I would love to hear your questions!

Thanks and be at peace until we talk again next Wednesday!